CardozaGames Review

CardozaGames Review

"Playing poker will be more fun than ever before"
For about a quarter of a decade, the name Cardoza has been known as being the most popular and largest publication company for books on gaming and gambling. With Avery Cardoza as the front man spearheading the company, he and his team has published more than 200 books on gaming, including topics such as chess, casino games, poker, and lots more. Cardoza is perhaps considered an authority when it comes to gaming and gambling strategies.

Cardoza Games, an indication of the company's success and growth, is an online resource and virtual playing field for millions of poker fanatics all around the world. With the marriage of technology and gaming know-how, the Cardoza team behind the success of Cardoza Games continues to offer the best in online poker and gaming. In this CardozaGames review, check out some of the features of the software and the site, and find out if this can open up your chances of winning big and having online poker fun.

Rakes and Limits

At CardozaGames, the rakes and limits are clearly specified and explained for the information and enjoyment of all their players. Just the basics: rakes refer to the percentage of money which the house, in this case, CardozaGames, claims from the pot. It is good to remember that in CardozaGames, there is a fee of roughly 10% of the tournament buyin. And there is no rake if the hand is over even before the flop cards are laid out.

  • Limit Games of $0.02/$0.04 to $0.25/$0.50: Games with 2 to 10 players have a rake of $0.05 for each dollar that goes into the pot. The maximum rake will be $1.00.
  • Limit Games of $0.50/$1 to $1/$2: Games with also 2 to 10 players have a rake of $0.50 if the pot reaches $5. If the pot reaches $12, there is an additional $0.25 to the rake, and if the pot reaches $20, another additional $0..25 is added to the rake. Max rake is $1.00.
  • Limit Games of $2/$4 to $30/$60: Games with 2 to 3 players can have a max rake of $1.00. Games with 4 to 5 players have a max rake of $2.00, while games of 6 to 10 players can have a max rake of $3.00.
  • Limit Games $50/$100 and above: Additional $0.50 is added to the rake for specified pot sizes. Games with 2 to 3 players have a max rake of $2.00, and the max pot size is $100. Games with 4 to 10 players have a max rake at $5..00, and the max pot size is $350.


If you're looking for a great place online to spend time, have fun, and win money, then CardozaGames is the ideal venue for you. You won't be disappointed as the Cardoza team proudly offers technical support for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can readily contact them if you have any inquiries regarding your software, how to play a game, what happens during a game, and whatever problem you may be experiencing. CardozaGames provides several options for customer support and avenues of contacting them for any help. We think this is the best service we've seen so far.

The software comes with a chat program, so you can readily contact any of the tech support staff for any questions. You also have several email addresses to refer to depending on your concerns, whether it is abut products, affiliates, feedback, comments, and others. In fact, the 'Getting Started' link on the CardozaGames site already offers several helpful and essential tips on the software, poker playing, and other vital FAQ. The great thing about this is that whatever skill level you may have in poker, you can easily refer to their tutorials and guides, and be on your way to having fun at trying your shot the poker rooms.


The CardozaGames software is easy to install, and has minimum requirements for Windows 98 OS or higher. You can check more about these requirements from their site. Upon downloading, you can readily follow the simple step-by-step guide on installation. Once you're all set, get connected and create your log in account, which is also not a very difficult task.

The poker lobby is user-friendly, as several buttons are present with easily-understood functions. When playing, you will see that actual virtual characters are sitting at the table. The graphics are impressive in this regard.. Chatting with other players has settings depending on your preference. Plus, if there are additional queries while playing, you can access the chat box to contact the tech team.

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Simply by signing up and downloading the CardozaGames software, you instantly get bonuses as the Cardoza team is way of thanking you for your patronage. And we would like to mention that by just making a deposit and playing one raked hand you receive 2 free poker books of your choice from the Cardoza library.

Get an additional instant 200% welcome bonus if you deposit $100. Deposits of $300 and up can get you up to $600 as a welcome bonus. Their welcome bonus is among the most generous as reviewed by far.

Since Cardoza is a publisher and authority on gaming and gambling, get to enjoy other great bonuses from their company, such as free books from their online store. Also, referring a friend will give you and your referral great bonuses as well. For every referral you make, you can get $75, and your buddies can each get $25 when they sign in. That's great value on top of the 200% welcome bonus upon deposit. Other fun promotions that await members at CardozaGames are the Bankroll Booster, Daily Freerolls, Sit and Go Jackpots, and lots more. Check out more into on these when you visit the Promotions section of their site.

Deposit Methods

At CardozaGames, you have several options to choose from when making your deposits. Along with your unforgettable poker experience, you get valuable security and support from CardozaGames, and you can be assured that your information and accounts are secure. Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, Neteller, Delta, and Moneybookers are among your options for payment methods.

For this CardozaGames review, it can be satisfactorily concluded that you get great value for your money. Playing poker will be more fun than ever before, and you can always learn something new, whatever skill level you may be. Rakes and limits are very reasonable, plus you have tons of options for secure and reliable deposits or withdrawals. You can’t get bonuses like these anywhere else, plus, their customer support and technical assistance are of the highest quality. We love the poker room.

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