Chili Poker Review

Chili Poker Review

"Everything you need is at the Chili Poker software, from checking your stats, to customizing the gaming interface, to, of course, playing the game itself. "
Chili Poker is one poker website that treats poker as a lifestyle. Thatís because players on this website donít just receive cash prizes for games that they win, but are also rewarded for simply playing through its FPP or Frequent Player Point. They can then exchange these FPPs for prizes such as high-tech gadgets, to tournaments and packages, to holiday tours. But is it worth playing at Chili Poker just to get these prizes? Find out with our Chili Poker review.

Rakes and Limits

For starters, rakes are the commission that the website gets from the pot. The reason for this is that, unlike other casino games, thereís no guarantee in poker that guarantees the house casino money every time. Thus, the website takes a percentage to gain profit, called the rake.

Most poker websites would never divulge their rakes, but Chili Poker is different. Staying true to their aim of guaranteeing, ďsafety and fair play,Ē interested players can simply download a list of Chili Pokerís rakes and limits from their site. On average, Chili Poker, takes a 5% rake per pot. For example, for every $20 in the pot, Chili Poker takes $1 for it. As for the maximum rake, it ranges from $1-$5, depending on the number of players.

Hereís a table of Chili Pokerís Pot limit & No limit rakes:

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Chili Poker isnít one of those poker sites that make you feel that theyíre just there to make money off you. They do that by providing you with everything you need to make your gaming experience as hassle free as possible.

If youíre just a starter in playing poker, you could go through their Pokerschool first with top professional poker player Liz Lieu. Once you get a hang of the basics, you can then try them out at the Beginners Freerolls where you can hone your poker skills without using real money. When you are finally confident about your game, you can then play for real money in their tournaments.

Should you need to ask Chili Poker for information, their FAQ page has tons of helpful content to get you started. Or to get live support, you could send them an e-mail, give them a call, or chat with them live. The last option is the most helpful as it provides you with almost instant support, 24/7.

Another plus about this website is their dedication to helping players play the game responsibly. They offer tons of resources for players who might be addicted to the game so that they can get help. Gambling addiction is a serious issue, and itís a major bonus to have Chili Poker make their players aware of it.


Players have two options of playing the game, either by downloading the Chili Poker software, or by playing on their browser using the Flash interface.

Everything you need is at the Chili Poker software, from checking your stats, to customizing the gaming interface, to, of course, playing the game itself. Plus, Chili Poker issues regular updates to the software to keep it bug-free.

Or if you want to play Chili Poker using any operating system and on any computer, then use their browser-based interface. All you need is an internet connection and you can play using your computer at home, your friendís, or even your office computer. Best of all, thereís no installation required.

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Quality of Players at Real Money Tables

Because weíre talking about real money here, then you can expect to play with some really serious players at Chili Poker, especially on tables with huge pots. So if youíre a little concerned about losing your money at one go, try playing at the Freerollers section first, or play conservatively on tables with small buy ins.

There are still of course reckless players who donít care about strategy. Itís either youíll be put off by them, or take advantage of them by playing a good game. The choice is yours to make.


As far as bonuses go, players can get up to $600 deposit bonus just by signing up. Thatís pretty standard for most poker websites.

But if thereís a bonus that should get would-be poker players hooked, it would be Chili Pokersí $10,000 Deposit Pack. This promotion is open to first time depositors and experienced Chili Poker players where they can win over $10,000 Freeroll Tournaments.

For example, first time depositors can get a share of the $2,500 prize pool, simply by collecting at least 150FPPs.

Then thereís the FPP itself. Players can collect FPPs simply by playing the game. They can then exchange their accumulated FFPs for cool items such as iPods, poker accessories, tournaments and packages, and even holiday tours. This makes playing poker at Chili Poker extra enticing.

Itís great for Chili Poker to have bonuses such as these since it encourages new players to try out the game for free, and by winning prizes, they could play for real money with little to no risk at all.


With players playing from different parts of the world, there are always huge numbers of players playing at any one time. Figures show more than 7,000 players playing at more than 3,000 tables simultaneously. This is a fairly huge traffic by online poker standards. And with that many players to go against with, players would certainly have a choice of levels of players they would want to play against.

Deposit Methods

Multiple deposit methods are another huge draw for poker players. And in this aspect, Chili Poker doesnít disappoint.

There are of course the staple payment methods using Visa, Mastercard, Neteller and Moneybookers. Plus, players could also pay using Ukash, and through bank wire transfer. The addition of Ukash is a welcome deposit method especially for European players who compromise a big chunk of Chili Pokerís membership.

All in all, Chili Poker is a poker site that would meet the standards of other poker sites. But pluses such as bonuses, regular tournaments, and the ability to exchange FPPs with some fantastic prizes will surely draw the crowd that the site wants to attract: people who consider playing poker as a lifestyle.

Our rating:

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