Full Tilt Poker Review

Full Tilt Poker Review

"Full Tilt Poker is a slick site and perfectly suited to the real poker player"

If thereís any poker room on line that can boast some very heavy celebrity clout, itís Full Tilt Poker. There is a squad of the best known poker professionals in the game today who endorse and play on the Full Tilt site, and the advertising campaigns and tournaments that the sit puts out on the television certainly make it a site worth considering if you love to play. So is this a site that is worth all the hype? Well, we conducted a Full Tilt poker review to see for ourselves.

Rakes and Limits

If you already know what a rake is, then just skip this short paragraph down to the one where we talk about the numbers. For those of you that donít, the rake is the percentage of money the house takes from the pot. Unlike with casino games, poker doesnít have a built in house edge that guarantees the site or casino money every time, so online poker rooms like Full Tilt take this percentage to make their money.

It can actually be pretty hard to find what the house rakes from the pot at most online poker rooms, but Full Tilt has attempted to put their rake policy right up front. They actually have a page dedicated to calculating the rake per game on their site, although at the time of this Full Tilt Poker review it was not working. Fortunately the service from the site is great, so we were able to obtain the rake amounts. (Itís worth noting that there is no rake on games where the flop is not dealt).

  • Limit Games of $1/$2 limit: 2 player games have a rake of 25 cents for every $5 in the pot, the maximum rate is 50 cents. Games with 3 to 10 players also have a 25 cent rake for every $5, but the maximum rake is $1.
  • Limit Games of $1/$4 and up: For 2 or 3 players, the rake is 50 cents for every $10 in the pot; for 2 players the max rake is 50 cents and for 3 it is $1. Games with 4 to 10 players are $1 for every $20 in the pot, with 4-5 player games maxing out at $2 and 6-10 player games at $3.
  • No Limit and Pot Limit Games: 2 or 3 players rake is 5 cents for every dollar in the pot, with 2 player games at a maximum of 50 cents and 3 players at $1. The same rake is used for 4-6 players with a maximum of $2 for 4 or 5 players and $3 for 6 to 10 players.


As we mentioned above, we did have the chance to use the service form the site for the Full Tilt Poker review when we came across trouble with the rake amounts. The service is 24 hours, and although it is email only we found that the answer was returned to us within 45 minutes. Looking around the Web and with a few inquiries of players on the site, we found that this was the general time. Very nice work indeed!

For this Full Tilt Poker review, we also thought it might be a good idea to add the site layout to the Service section, simply because the layout of the site is a good indicator of how quickly a player can start the main action. We found that the site has a LOT of published help material; every issue that might come up as you play is dealt with through not just FAQs, but very easy to follow tutorials and tours. Very good job on this aspect of the site!


For the purposes of this Full Tilt Poker review, we wanted to be sure that the games worked both for Macintosh and PC platforms, and were very pleased to find that this is the case. Moreover, Mac users donít suffer at all in terms of speed of game play or graphics should they choose to play on the site, something that should never be an issue but certainly is with some poker rooms.

The graphics and the layout of the rooms is also fairly nice; the lobby is pretty typical of most high end poker rooms, although it does show a bit more information than most, and includes a nice tips from the pros section (all that celebrity wouldnít be too handy if you didnít benefit once in a while!). Thereís a lot of good information posted in the lobby to help you select the table you want to sit down at.

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Quality of Players at Real Money Tables

While we have tried to make sure and gain a lot of personal experience for this Full Tilt Poker review, you would really have to be on the site for a month or more to get a true feel on your own about what kind of players play at the real money tables. We formed and opinion of our own, and then went to see what other people who played had to say; we checked around at a few poker forums and even asked players on the site as well, who had a little bit more experience.

What we found is that the real money games on Full Tilt tended to the same patterns that you see on the later rounds of televised tournaments, and that really shouldnít be too much of a surprise given the level of expertise the site boasts. This means that you are up against some serious players, and not many of them play loose, although there are certainly aggressive players in. If your idea of fun poker is finding a room full of donkeys and taking their money, you wonít get too far on Full Tilt. However, if you are looking for some real poker, where bankroll is watched, Full Tilt is a great place to go.


There are a slew of bonuses available at Full Tilt. For starters, the sign up bonus is a 100% match, up to $600. Second best offer that we have seen! There are also bonuses set up for referrals as well as loyalty programs.


Lots and lots of people have succumbed to star power at Full Tilt. There are almost 9,000 players on the real money tables during peak times, one of the highest poker populations on the entire Internet.

Deposit Methods

Like any good online business, Full Tilt Poker makes it easy for you to put your money in by providing a very wide range of deposit options. MasterCard and Visa are both accepted, or you can go through Neteller, Click2Pay, FPS, moneybookers, or instadebit. You could also choose to transfer your money via a wire using cash transfer.

Overall, Full Tilt Poker is a slick site and perfectly suited to the real poker player. Of course, thatís when it comes to the real money games; if you just want to play for fun you are going to have to put up with the usual fools who donít care about odds or bankroll and who just like to try their luck. Great service and celebrity clout add up to good marks on this Full Tilt Poker review.

Our rating:

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