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Poker Articles - How Honest Are Online Poker Rooms?

Security is always an issue in websites dealing with money. Whether it is the website of your local bank or the flower delivery portal, you are never sure if the information you provided will be misused. The sites themselves are under scrutiny for their honesty. Sometimes, though, the sites themselves may be honest, but their might be people waiting to lay their hand of your financial information. Who does not like free money?

With online gaming the stakes just get higher. Especially if the game is all about money. Poker, for instance. Several online poker portals have mushroomed, where millions of players try their luck every day. They offer the accessibility, ease and anonymity which live poker does not. Online poker can be extremely addicting, just like live poker. But what it does not provide is security. Often, people associate poker with cheating. How honest are online poker rooms?

Poker rooms can be rigged for cheating by the individuals playing on the site. Players can cheat, where they work in teams, getting the other player to raise the bets until they are pushed out. Players may raise the bets for each other too. This teams actually plays for one. However, most poker sites have automated software that detects this type of cheating. So is it fair to ask: How honest are online poker rooms?

The other kind of cheating which players engage in is generally very difficult to defect. This passive cheating is referred to as collusion. Here, the players often share cards with each other, and this enables them to make more profitable choices. Poker sites have not yet found a way to deal with this form of cheating. Again, how honest are poker rooms in the light of this kind of cheating?

On the one hand, there is the lack of any form of regulation for these poker sites. Almost all of them function from outside the US. On the other hand there is the fact the online poker is all set to become the future of poker. The ease and convenience is luring a lot of live players. The poker sites can make a great deal of money by running a legitimate and secure site. IF they are able to win the players trust, they get to milk in more dollars. That is a great incentive for the sites to play fair. Also there is a poker tracker on most sites which tracks the deck hands and identifies cheating based in absence of randomness.

What is important for you is to play fair yourself and donít say you were cheated when you actually lose a pot. Stop asking how honest online poker rooms are and take your loss gracefully.

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