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Poker Articles - Is PokerStars Rigged?

A term like 'Riverstars' is often used in the poker forums and words like 'Rigged!' often shows up when poker players take a bad beat. Recently, the poker room: Absolute poker got involved in a case where a CEO played with super-user accounts. He saw the hole-cards of his opponents, a true nightmare for fair poker players. The question arised if such things also happened at other poker sites. Nowadays, Poker players are still concerned. That's why thought it was time for the biggest poker room in the world to make a clear statement. We talked to the PokerStars manager and asked him six questions about the integrity of the PokerStars poker rooms. We got a clear answer to the question: Is PokerStars Rigged?

What does PokerStars do to gain trust of their players?

PokerStars has a long history of being run by poker players, for poker players. We have, in contrast to other sites, many "public faces" (in the past, for example, Lee Jones) and are frequently seen at major tournaments - we do not hide from our players and are available to answer questions directly at any time. We further have a number of WSOP champion players who frequently play on our site, and endorse both its randomness, and its integrity. Finally, we have dedicated experienced poker players available to answer any questions about the integrity of our site, or to review complaints about possible rules violations by players in a manner that is always clear to the complainer that they are talking to someone who understands poker, and not a random person who doesn't understand their complaint.

What happens when PokerStars catch someone cheating. Does this happen often?

In cases where cheaters are caught, we review the case on several aspects; the degree of cheating, and our evaluation of how much damage was done to other players. In such cases, the players harmed will be compensated according to the damage they suffered, and the cheaters dealt with appropriately, whether this means account closure and funds seized, or a warning regarding what the rules are and not to violate them again. "Often" is a subjective term; I would say that given that we have hundreds of thousands of players who log in each day, it does not happen very often at all.

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How does PokerStars secure their players info and how do they prevent hacking, scamming and cheating?

All cash transactions are encrypted using an Internet standard known as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL3), a protocol based on a very large encryption key. The responsibility for avoiding hacking and scamming lies primarily with the players themselves; we advise all players not to share their passwords, as well as requiring a robust password in our accounts. We further advise all players not to transfer funds with people they do not know well and personally. In a case where a player is scammed or hacked, we will lock down all involved accounts and funds, and review the case to resolve it as fairly as possible.

Could PokerStars give us a number or percentage of people caught cheating over the last year?

The number would be under 1% if I had to guess; we have a number of accounts that is in the millions. While obviously we do catch people cheating from time to time, our reputation for catching cheaters generally precludes the large cheating rings from wasting their time trying to get away with anything on our site - they know they'll be caught, so they don't bother.

Recently, a website accused several high stakes PokerStars players of using illegal software while playing. Does PokerStars investigate such cases? And how does PokerStars protect their players against such claims.

We provide a clear list of which programs are and are not allowed for players to use on our web site at:

We have advanced detection methods to determine which players are using these programs, and in any case where players are found to have used them, the player is dealt with appropriately.

What does PokerStars want to say to the players who claim online poker rooms are rigged?

While we cannot speak for other poker rooms, we flatly reject that there is anything unusual going on with our shuffle. We have hired numerous independent auditors of our shuffle, and you can read their reports at:

Even more tellingly, any player who does not trust this is invited to do a full analysis of their own hands. We keep all real money hands on file, and are willing to send any player a full record of all of their hand histories at their request, which they are then free to analyze. Several players have taken us up on this offer, and posted their analysis online at:

100k PokerStars Hand Analysis
100k PokerStars Hand Analysis 2

While we understand that poker can be a frustrating game, and that it can sometimes feel like there must be a higher power conspiring against you to make you lose, it is not us. There is no doomswitch, no cashout curse, and no rigging of the game in any manner.

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