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Chili Poker review

Chili Poker is one poker website that treats poker as a lifestyle. Thatís because players on this website donít just receive cash prizes for games that they win, but are also rewarded for simply playing through its FPP or Frequent Player Point. They can then exchange these FPPs for prizes such as high-tech gadgets, to tournaments and packages, to holiday tours. But is it worth playing at Chili Poker just to get these prizes? Find out with our Chili Poker review. Read Our Chili Poker Review

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CardozaGames review

For about a quarter of a decade, the name Cardoza has been known as being the most popular and largest publication company for books on gaming and gambling. With Avery Cardoza as the front man spearheading the company, he and his team has published more than 200 books on gaming, including topics such as chess, casino games, poker, and lots more. Cardoza is perhaps considered an authority when it comes to gaming and gambling strategies.
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Pacific poker review

Pacific Poker is part of the gaming empire, itís the online poker room side of the gambling giant. Right off the bat, itís important for American players to note that due to the federal Internet gaming laws, Pacific Poker is among the online poker rooms where US players canít play for real money.
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Full tilt poker review

If thereís any poker room on line that can boast some very heavy celebrity clout, itís Full Tilt Poker. There is a squad of the best known poker professionals in the game today who endorse and play on the Full Tilt site, and the advertising campaigns and tournaments that the sit puts out on the television certainly make it a site worth considering if you love to play. So is this a site that is worth all the hype? Well, we conducted a Full Tilt poker review to see for ourselves. Read our Full Tilt Poker Review

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Paradise poker review

Paradise Poker is one of the oldest poker sites on the Internet, making a great run from 1999 until 2005. What changed that year was the same thing that affected so many gaming sites; the US government changed a few laws and made it illegal for citizens to gamble online. Paradise Poker was one of the victims of this process, and ended up losing quite a lot of players. In this Paradise Poker review, we take a look at the site to see if it really is still paradise, or if the absence of US players has turned it into a kind of purgatory. Read our Paradise Poker review

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PartyPoker review

PartyPoker claims that it is the worldís largest online poker site, and we donít doubt from the amount of traffic we saw during our PartyPoker review that they have a case. PartyPoker lacks the star power that can be found on rivals such as Full Tilt and Poker Stars; do they make up for the lack of magnetism with a site that attracts players through the experience? We took a look to find out. Read our PartyPoker Review

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Pkr poker review

Letís face it; a lot of the poker sites out there are the same, although they may try to dress up their games differently. We donít have much of a problem with that, since we are there to play cards and not necessarily for entertainment purposes. However, like most people, we find it hard to resist a site which goes that extra mile to make our poker playing experience as close to real life as possible, and as we saw for this PKR Poker review, is certainly a site which does that.
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Poker Stars review

There are a few Internet poker rooms that offer not only the guarantee the chance to participate in a your choice of poker game 24 hours a day, but try to entice new players with a roster of stars. The idea here is that players who want to hone their skills will want to come to the site where pokerís Big Guns play. Poker Stars is certainly trying this angle, as you can see from the name itself. So how does Poker Stars star power, and their game play, stack up against other sites? We conducted a Poker Stars review to find out. Read our Poker Stars review

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