Pacific Poker Review

Pacific Poker Review

"Overall, Pacific Poker is a fairly average site."
Pacific Poker is part of the gaming empire, it's the online poker room side of the gambling giant. Right off the bat, it's important for American players to note that due to the federal Internet gaming laws, Pacific Poker is among the online poker rooms where US players can't play for real money.


We always review service in terms of the help available on site and the help available through the help lines a poker site offers. During our Pacific Poker review, we found that the help options on site were adequate. We should mention that the Pacific Poker review took place right after our review of Party Poker, a site which includes every conceivable help option a poker player could want, from hand analyzers to tutorials. Pacific Poker is a little bit thinner on the ground, but the FAQ section is fine, and there is all the basic information a newcomer could want, you just have to follow the tab information (it was disappointing that the Help and Support tab only led to a page with information on how to deposit)

There is a good range of support options at Pacific Poker. Live Chat, email inquiries, and free phone lines for players in the UK, Germany, and Australia are all available. Players in other countries will be limited to the first two options if they are looking for free information, otherwise they will have to pay to make their inquiries.

It was kind of annoying when we did the Pacific Poker review to find that the page would not scroll down to let us see all the options or to fill out the form created to streamline any requests, and hopefully Pacific Poker will work this bug out.

Rakes and Limits

Pacific Poker is not quite as up front about their rake structure as some of the rival poker sites that we have reviewed. In fact, we had to rely on outside information in order to find out what kind of rake the site takes from a pot for this Pacific Poker review.

What we did eventually find, though, was just about average for online poker sites. Pacific Poker takes a small rake out of lower limit tables, increasing slightly the higher one goes.

Quality of Players at Real Money Tables

One thing about a poker site being a part of a larger gambling operation is that it will attract a lot of card loving, money throwing players to the tables. Pacific Poker has donkeys coming from all directions, so skilled players are in for a good pay day. Of course, if you are looking for top notch competition who know how to handle a bankroll, you are going to have to look elsewhere; there are far fewer expert players on Pacific Poker than on other sites, and you won�t learn much about the art of poker from them. That said, if you are a player whose bankroll is in a bit of trouble, this might be a good site to build it back up. Just do it quickly, because from the looks of it the players may be getting better.


Amazing, no exaggeration. The developers at 888 have really gone all out and updated a once mediocre online poker room as far as options and graphics are concerned into a whole new standard for the industry. The plain table set ups are gone and have been replaced with slick looking room set ups. The playing experience is enhanced with options to customize your game play, build a 3D avatar (!!!), several options for smaller views for those of you skilled enough to play a few different games at once, and options to play a couple of casino games or bingo games once you fold.

Pacific Poker has the usual multi-platform download software that most sites run, but have added an exciting option in the instant play, no download required feature. We found that this was difficult to run on the Mac, despite being Flash based, but still workable.


Pacific Poker distinguishes itself within the Internet poker world by offering an attractive sign up bonus for new players. Most poker sites don�t offer free money to play with, but Pacific Poker has probably taken a cue from the success of this type of promotion on the casino side of 888�s operations.

First deposits for new players will receive a 25% match from Pacific Poker, up to $100. In addition, Pacific Poker offers some great incentives for loyal players, including a bi-monthly reload bonus and loyalty points programs. As always, it is important for players to read the fine print on their bonus statements, because there are always conditions under which the bonuses can be received.

Deposit Methods

Annoyingly, Pacific Poker does have a $30 minimum deposit. This is only annoying, mind you, in comparison to some of the other sites which we have reviewed, which don't set out a minimum this way.

You can deposit using VISA, MasterCard, NETeller, Citadel, FirePay, Wire Transfer, bank transfer, or a PaysafeCard.


Pacific Poker is pretty small when it comes to the number of players you can find when you compare it to rival giants such as Party Poker, but you can still count on some good traffic at peak hours, averaging around the 2000 mark. You will find most of this traffic in the Hold 'em games and in the tournaments.

Overall, Pacific Poker is a fairly average site. While the change in their software certainly signals that 888 is ready to take their poker room to a whole new level, other areas such as published customer support have yet to catch up. After our Pacific Poker review, we think that when that happens, and once the word gets out, those traffic numbers we talked about are going to sky rocket on the Pacific Poker site.

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