PartyPoker Review

PartyPoker Review

"PartyPoker may have gained so much popularity due to the fact that
they are so incredibly easy to use"
PartyPoker claims that it is the worldís largest online poker site, and we donít doubt from the amount of traffic we saw during our PartyPoker review that they have a case. PartyPoker lacks the star power that can be found on rivals such as Full Tilt and Poker Stars; do they make up for the lack of magnetism with a site that attracts players through the experience? We took a look to find out.


PartyPoker is download only, and that means players using a wide range of platforms have access to real money and fun money games. Windows or Mac, or even Linux, youíre all in on the poker action.

When it comes to game selection, PartyPoker is pretty standard, with a lobby where you can check out the different variations and see who is playing at which tables. During our PartyPoker review we found that the lobby was perhaps not as intuitive as we would like; a drop down menu is preferable, in our opinion, to a side bar menu which looks like you are going into your computerís files.

One of the great things about online poker rooms, as opposed to online casinos, is that almost all of the software is developed in house, and thatís true of PartyPoker. No network here, and that means game play unique to the site. Itís fast, itís fun to look at, and most importantly, no major hang ups! We also LOVE the various video tutorials that the site has built in to its program, for newbies and pros alike.

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For the PartyPoker review, we counted published site information as part of the service section. Reason being, the information that you can find on the site is just as helpful as any customer support options which may be offered.

We were very, very pleased with what we found on PartyPoker. There is an absolute wealth of information on this site on how to play, the software the site uses, tournaments, the rake the site takes, tutorials, and on and on. In fact PartyPoker may have gained so much popularity due to the fact that they are so incredibly easy to use.

If you do find that there is an issue that you canít find an answer for, we found that the 24 hour a day, seven day a week email enquiry line that PartyPoker uses to be friendly, efficient, and helpful. We sent in two different enquiries, and both were answered within two hours, weekday and weekend! The site also has several toll free numbers depending on the country in which you live, a huge step forward which again sets the site above its competition.

Rakes and Limits

Limits go pretty low on PartyPoker, so you will find that even shy money spenders have a table to play at. The rakes on these tables, on the other hand, are not very competitive with PartyPokerís competition. You can lose a lot of money to the house when you win the pot, with rakes of 10 percent (in 50Ę/$1 and $1/$2 cash-games) to 20 percent in $5,- tournaments! When you are playing higher limit games, though, the rakes tend to even out, and our PartyPoker review found the high stakes rakes to be on the low side compared to other sites.


There are Lucky Dollar tournaments offered with free entry to players making a first time real money deposit. And today, offers you $25,- extra free money on your first deposit. You have to sign-up and download the software through this link.

We thought during this PartyPoker review that the site didnít really offer that much to distinguish itself from other online poker sites; the above tournament as well as a points program for VIPs (which also work on PartyPokerís Bingo and casino sites) are fairly typical.

Quality of Players at Real Money Tables

Any site that offers a wide range of betting limits is going to have a wide range of real money players at the tables. Lower limits will always be a feeding ground for fish, who rely on luck rather than skill to win them some money. This eventually frustrates the skilled players and those who want to really learn poker, but they usually go no farther that the nearest higher stakes table. Every once in a while a fish makes the jump along with the better players, and gets eaten for lunch above $1/$2.

As always, keep an eye on your bankroll and don't go higher unless you are fairly confident. The medium and high-stake players understand the concept of the bankroll and poker success over time, and they are mostly tight/aggressive and talented. If you arenít ready, you will become the donkey.


Worldís largest online poker site? Well maybe not, now that US players arenít allowed to play real money games, but you will still find almost 10,000 players at the real money tables during peak hours, meaning evenings and weekends in other countries. There are lively games to be had at any time so matter where you hail from, you will find some action here.

Deposit methods

VISA, MasterCard, NETeller, FirePay, Western Union, eChecks (by iGM-Pay), bank draft, cashier's check, money order, check are all ways to deposit on Party Poker.

We should also mention that during the course of the PartyPoker review, we found that every time the back browser button was clicked, there were a couple of pop ups for Empire Poker. Very annoying, and the site lost a half mark because of it.

In sum, we found that despite a lack of star power, PartyPoker is probably at the peak as far as the online poker worldís upper echelon is concerned. You might not get to play any world famous pros, but the stakes and the quality of competition certainly donít show it. Any player can find a game to challenge and hone their skills. Unfortunately, as we mentioned above, US players might have a difficult time setting up an account, if in fact they can play at all.

Our rating:

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