Pkr Poker Review

Pkr Poker Review

"PKR Poker sets itself apart from every single poker competitor by offering their whole site game action in 3D"
Letís face it; a lot of the poker sites out there are the same, although they may try to dress up their games differently. We donít have much of a problem with that, since we are there to play cards and not necessarily for entertainment purposes. However, like most people, we find it hard to resist a site which goes that extra mile to make our poker playing experience as close to real life as possible, and as we saw for this PKR Poker review, is certainly a site which does that.

PKR Poker sets itself apart from every single poker competitor by offering their whole site game action in 3D. Thatís right; you can create your own poker characters to look like you or whoever you want, and as you play you can program them with emotions, with clothes, even with little tricks with their chips. Itís quite the feat, but does the playing experience at PKR Poker stand up to their competition? Take a look at the rest of this PKR Poker review to see what we think.

Rakes and Limits

You certainly wonít find the limit opportunities lacking on PKR. There is everything from the micro limit tables for new players and fish to the high stakes games frequented by the sharks.

Obtaining information on the rakes that the site takes from the pot is the first area where Pkr Poker did a good job. We could find the information on rakes in the FAQ section of the site! Other online poker rooms yielded similar results.


If you are trying to sell a site on image, you canít very well have sub par software. PKR Poker is definitely aware of this, and the site certainly has the most innovative software on the Internet. In fact, no one even comes close to touching it.

The key point in favor of the software on PKR, of course, is the 3 dimension. It really does offer a whole new take on online poker, and once you are forced to fold it can be a lot more entertaining than just sitting and waiting for everyone else to play out the hand. One thing that we did notice (on a different computer) was that you definitely need to have a modern machine and a quick Internet connection in order to play the game in all its glory. Otherwise you and other players are in for a frustrating experience.

In addition, the site canít be used yet by Mac platforms, although the developers appear to be working on that.

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The first thing we turn to in the support area is always the published on site support. Thereís a lot of good information on PKR Poker, but that can be said about a lot of different poker sites; all the big names tend to provide great navigation and a lot of answers for users. This PKR poker review found that the site hit all the important areas and you could find the information you wanted in an intuitive manner. There are plenty of additional features such as tutorials which help make up for this one oversight.

Other forms of customer service include a 24 hour a day, seven day a week email and live chat options. We werenít too impressed with live chat, as it took much longer for an agent to get online than we expected. The email option, on the other hand, proved to be fast, efficient, and effective.


PKR Poker is a pretty new site, just launching in June of 2006. The traffic you will find on the site, which we encountered during this PKR poker review, can be pretty sparse. A lot of the hype is still directed at more traditional poker sites, although we did find players who claim that during peak hours on some days PKR can have up to 7,000 players.

Quality of Players at Real Money Tables

Again, a lack of traffic means that there arenít many variations when it comes to real money opponents. One thing that we did notice about the players on the real money tables was that the graphics may interfere with strategic game play; a lot of players fooled around with their characters or acted annoying with the voices instead of actually playing poker. You might not like this on an online poker site, but then again you could argue that this is much closer to a real life poker game. Pretty new site, so you can expect quite a few donkeys.


The great thing about new gambling sites is that they want to attract as many customers as quickly as possible, and entice them to stay, and that means some very healthy bonuses. We found during this PKR poker review that the site is trying to channel new players to the high stakes tables, with the most tantalizing bonuses of 100% matches up to $600 or $2000 limited to players on those tables. There is also a bonus loyalty points program offered to those who choose to stay.

Deposit Methods

All the usual suspects are here for your depositing pleasure, or at least we think so; again, thereís a dearth of information here. Still, it appears as though Visa, MasterCard, NETeller, direct bank draft, echeques, and wire transfers will all work.

In short, PKR poker suffers from the same thing that all innovative ideas do, and that is implementation. The site has an incredibly vast concept, and we think that will help to attract the traffic the site was lacking during this PKR poker review. It will also be nice to see the Mac version of PKR go up, since these computers are probably much more likely to have the punch required to enjoy the whole game experience. At least half of the stars are coming for the 3D concept alone; this is a site that definitely needs to work on all dimensions before it can swim with the industry sharks.

One last note, PKR is not open to US players!

Our rating:

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