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Bluffing In Poker: Winning the Pot with a Helpless Hand

If you try to ask a number of poker players to define bluffing, the answers you will get basically would refer to one thing—it is betting a weak hand hoping to dissuade the other players and drive them out of the pot. If bluffing in online poker did not exist, can you imagine how boring the game will be? Players make bets, and whoever has the best hand wins. No exceptions.

Furthermore, the players’ hands tend to break even in the long run, making it difficult to have anyone win the money if there was no bluffing in poker to discourage players from calling. Bluffing is basically deceiving the other players and deception is vital if you want to win.

If you would not bluff for some instances, it would be very tough for you to win over players who have an idea of what your hand’s chances are. Bluffing lets you keep the others off balance and any poker play must know when and how to do it.

What Are The Different Kinds of Bluffs? The most common form of bluffing is betting—or raising—with a helpless hand. However, you can reverse the way this bluff is done. Instead of acting confident with a weak hand, you can act weak when what you actually have in your hand is a powerhouse, deceiving the other players to raise or even bet it all in.

Another form of bluffing is betting or raising on the inexpensive rounds in hope of getting a free card later on when the cost of the bets have doubled. There is also what is referred to as a semi-bluff. The term was coined by David Sklansky, a renowned poker theorist.

According to him, a semi-bluff involves betting with a hand which will not prove to be the best hand at the moment if called, but can still reasonably outdraw the hands that first called it. You can win with a semi-bluff in two ways. First, your opponent might decide to release his hand, thinking that you have the hand he is representing. On the other hand, if your opponent decides to call, you could still win if you are lucky enough to catch the card you need.

Bluffing is one of the best strategies used when playing poker. However, you must note that bluffing does not work all the time. Some players are stiff and would keep on calling no matter how confident you may appear. Also, even if you manage to dissuade the other players, there is a possibility that someone else among the enduring ones is also bluffing and is better with it than you. Try your luck now in an online casino!