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Poker Articles - Sam Farha Bio

If you thought that poker was silly game for people with more than on their hands than they can use, think again. It’s a game of considerable skill and requires a great deal of mental toughness. One needs to read their opponents faces accurately and make ones judgments based on that. This is a game of intense concentration. Ask a professional poker player and he will tell you how intense one game can be. At the professional level there is a lot of money at stake as well. And no one knows it better than Sam Farha, the legendary poker player. Here is a brief bio of Sam Farha.

Sam Farha, originally from Lebanon, immigrated to the US as a teenager. He came to the US to escape the civil war that was raging in Lebanon at that time. He graduated from a business administration program at the Friends University, in Wichita, Kansas. Any bio of Sam Farha is incomplete without the mention of his roots.

Upon graduation, he moved to Houston, Texas to live his brother and it was there that he had his first taste of poker. In his very first game, Farha won several thousand dollars. This proved to be the push he was looking for and by 1990, Farha was a full-time professional poker player. He began playing against the top professional players in the world.

In 2003, Sam played against Chris Moneymaker, another professional player and was placed second. He won a gold bracelet and $1.3 million. He got his revenge in a rematch later and took home the first prize. By 2004, Sam Farha had won $1.5 million prize money in tournament poker. His speciality is not tournament play; it is actually Omaha cash games. A bio of Sam Farha should abound in tales of his skill.

There are several trivia surrounding Sam Farha. Sam Farha has, reportedly, never smoked. But he always keeps an unlit cigarette in his mouth. If he takes a bad beat, he often changes the brand of cigarette. He is also very well known for his witty one liners and repertoire.

Sam Farha is not only a fantastic poker player, he is good at other games as well. In Kansas, he won a pinball tournament and also a pac-man contest.

His activities today are very diverse. Currently, Farha is working on a book which is titled “Farha on Omaha: Expert Strategy for Beating Cash Games and Tournaments”. This book is due for release soon. He also devotes his time to the development of a video game and in intrinsically related to the making of a reality TV poker show. Harrah’s Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada has employed him as their spokesman and are benefiting from his expertise.

From a small town boy, Sam Farha has indeed come a long way. Several people are writing and reading a bio of Sam Farha today.